Vigigraphe, an app for iPad

Funny app where you play witn french language,
for Mac and iPad

161 texts to be discovered

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A study shows that using computer in classroom is very efficent.



Les 400 coups for iPad
spelling and grammar for elementary and secondary school

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8th edition
App for finding french spelling,
for Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

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I've been a student with Logilangue for the last three months, and in those three months I've accomplished more than I ever thought possible. Thanks to Logilangue and the method of teaching as well as through computer software designed to help a student perform at his or her own pace helped me to accomplish what I thought was unatainable.
Logilangue has given me a whole new outlook as well as new found confidence in my education. Software designed by Logilangue such as 400 COUPS and A MOTS COUVERTS has made learning french a fun experience. I feel fortunate to have at my disposal the quality of instruction offered by Logilangue and I feel that my future will be a better place.
Thank you Logilangue

Mr Peter Gravel
September 10, 2009

Echoing the 78th Congress of ACFAS, Louise-Maude Rioux-Soucy wrote in the newspaper Le Devoir on 12 May 2010 "L'ordinateur portable en classe serait loin d'être un simple caprice technologique. Il pourrait même devenir un allié pédagogique de taille affirme une équipe de chercheurs montréalais. Les premiers coups de sonde effectués au Québec montrent en effet que les classes-portables au primaire et au secondaire favorisent la persévérance scolaire, la créativité, la concentration et l'autonomie tout en dopant la motivation des élèves et en tirant la réussite vers le haut. "
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