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À mots couverts

A new type of language game, a kind of crisscross puzzle in varied, interesting texts.

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  • three difficulty levels;
  • varied texts of particular interest;
  • texts are regularly added, and subscribers are advised.

Avdantages et benefits

  • numerous skills, abilities and knowledge put to the test: listening ability, memorization, reading, text analysis (main idea, secondary ideas), usual spelling, grammatical spelling, syntax, vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, words of the same family, conjugation, tense conformance, phrases and expressions;
  • the user consolidates and enhances his/her knowledge and abilities in all aspects of French;
  • enables collaborative work;
  • stirs up the user’s interest in learning French in all its forms: oral, read and written;
  • increases time and attention dedicated to learning French;
  • at the highest difficulty level, challenges are issued to the strongest students;
  • exit from one text you have not yet completely uncovered, then resume and continue later on without losing anything;
  • the report shows the learner’s entire progress;
  • allows people in their 50s and up to keep their intellectual capacities and abilities and their memorization in top shape.

WARNING! MacL with OS 10.6.6 or later.

"It is extremely educational. It's very addictive. I love it" Delia Dyer, chef cuisinière

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