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Simple software presenting varied, interesting texts for learning how to revise and proof-read texts.

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  • graduated learning of how to revise and proof-read texts: four difficulty levels;
  • varied texts that pique interest;
  • for each text, the user knows the kind of error to search for;
  • allows three attempts for trouble-shooting and correcting errors;
  • links lead you to clicGrammaire pages so you can find out why you could not correct everything;
  • texts are regularly added, and subscribers are advised.

Advantages et benefits

  • develops spelling vigilance that the learner can then transpose into correcting his/her own texts;
  • can be applied at the high school, college and university levels;
  • at the advanced and expert levels, challenges are issued to the strongest students;
  • can be linked with clicGrammaire when learning is more important than self-evaluating;
  • enables collaborative work;
  • the report shows the learner’s entire progress;
  • allows the trainer to perform a diagnosis of specific difficulties;
  • allows people in their 50s and up to keep their intellectual capacities and abilities and their memorization in top shape.

    WARNING! OK for Mac INTEL with OS 10.1 or later.

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